PM: Should you be taking sports supplements?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Sports supplements have so many benefits when it comes to achieving your goal. There is a supplement for almost every goal, and incorporating them into a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference in achieving the result you want.

What we need to wrap our heads around though, is the fact that there is no miracle product. No amount of protein powder is going to give you muscle if you aren't lifting weights. No amount of fat burners are going to help you if you're not eating the right foods. Supplements simply assist you in achieving your goal a little faster than you would without them. They do not replace hard work, and they do not work if you're not putting in the effort.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about how supplements CAN help you.

1. Protein powders.

There are many reasons to add protein powder to your daily routine, but my number 1 reason is pretty easy to understand. I recommend adding protein powder to your diet if you're not hitting your daily protein goals. That doesn't mean replace good, nutritious foods with supplements, so let's get that straight. If you're someone who struggles to hit their protein goals (and believe me, that's most of us!), then adding protein powder is an easy way to increase those levels. There are many other AMAZING uses for protein powder, such as post-training for recovery and growth, so speak to your local supplement store (cough cough Australian Sports Nutrition!) to find out which one will work best for you.

2. Carnitine products

My favorite carnitine product is Carnitine RX by Evolve, due to it being as pure as possible and extremely tasty! The idea of the product is to metabolism fat stores and use them as fuel. Sounds pretty good yeah? When used correctly, carnitine products can be a huge help when trying to lose weight, but you need to get your ducks in a row first. That means cleaning up your diet, and putting some effort into your training!

3. Thermogenics

Have you ever tried a supplement that's made you really hot and really sweaty? Chances are you had a thermogenic! They can be found in pre-workouts, or by themselves. By heating up your core temperature, you're tricking your body into burning more calories. But again, ducks. in. a. row! To get the most out of this product, train hard. Your calorie burn should increase a hell of a lot!

4. Pre-workouts

Don't be that person that takes a pre-workout just because you can. No one wants to be on the other end of that conversation. Instead, use it to fuel one hell of a workout. The increase in your energy should lead to an increase in performance.

As mentioned earlier, I wouldn't turn to anyone other than Australian Sports Nutrition for supplement advice (Don't be fooled by the name! They're not just in Australia!). The team is HIGHLY knowledgable in all the products they sell, and they don't try to sell you things that you don't need, which is my pet hate (Why would I need a bulking product when I want to lose weight you peanut?).

But like anything, speak to your doctor before trying a new supplement, then follow it up by speaking to the amazing ASN team. You will not regret it!

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