The NO BLOAT Guide

It's not something I openly put out there, but I live with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome).

It's absolutely no fun, and at times can be a real inconvenience, especially when I want to wear a tight fitted dress, but look like I'm about to give birth to a baby whale.

So I'm going to introduce you to my TOP TIPS for reducing your bloated tummy!

1. Check for food intolerances

This is solved by a simple trip to the doctor. You may be intolerant to certain foods and not even know it! For me, it's citric fruits!

2. Avoid carbonated drinks.

This is a simple one. Carbonated drinks are filled with air bubbles, and additional air in your stomach can cause bloating. Pretty simple yeh?

3. Consider a FODMAP diet

FODMAP diets have been shown to drastically decrease bloating by eliminating the foods your body can't handle.

4. Avoid Sugar Alcohol

Usually found in sugar free foods, sugar alcohols are known to increase gas, and therefore bloating.

5. Take a daily probiotic

Bloating can be caused by an unhappy gut, and we all know that adding good bacteria to your body leads to a much happier gut!

6. Look into gut related products.

My favorite "Gut Product is Gut Instinct by Evolve -

It is jam-packed with all the good stuff such as Slippery Elm, Zinc, Glutamine, Turmeric, Digestive Enzymes and more, and in my opinion is an absolute life saver!

7. Reduce Carbohydrates

Now I'm not saying go "no carb", but reducing your carbs will help to reduce bloating. Carbs hold fluid, and can give the appearance of being heavier and bloated.

8. Speak to your doctor to rule out anything nasty

Although unlikely, it's better to be on the safe side and speak to your doctor to rule out anything nasty!

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