PM: How to Reverse Diet

You may have heard the term "Reverse Diet, but never really understood what it means and how it works. Well today you're going to learn!

So why do i recommend Reverse Dieting?

Have you ever done a challenge, lost a heap of weight, and then in the weeks after the challenge concludes you put it all back on? This usually happens because you've rapidly increased your calories without considering the state of shock you may be putting your body in. You forget that:

a) Your body isn't used to so many carbs anymore

b) Your body has been living off easily digestible, clean foods, and doesn't quite remember how to process the MacDonald's you just ate.

c) Your body has learnt to survive off fewer calories, so anything more you put into your body is going to become "storage".

Reverse dieting is going allow you to SLOWLY reintroduce calories into your diet week by week without completely flooding your body of food it doesn't believe it needs.

So this is how we do it.

1) Use a Macronutrient calculator like this one: . Here you are going to enter your body stats, and find out your Maintenance Calories (The calories you can eat to maintain your current shape).

2) Instead of jumping straight to your maintenance calories, you're going to gradually add in 40-50 calories per week until you reach your maintenance calories. By doing this your body doesn't freak the hell out, and you will put on minimal weight! Something to remember is that if you increase your calories, you're going to put on a bit of weight. Not much, but a bit. Don't be scared of this! It's normal, and you will be able to get rid of it once you hit your maintenance calories.

3) Evenly add in calories and macronutrients. For example:

If your current macros are:

Carbs: 100g Protein: 80g Fat: 60g

And your maintenance macros are:

Carbs: 140g Protein: 120g Fat: 70g

You will need to add a small amount of each every week. For example, the process might look something like this:

Week 1: Carbs: 105g Protein: 85g Fat: 62g

Week 2: Carbs: 110g Protein: 90g Fat: 64g

Week 3: Carbs: 115g Protein: 95g Fat: 66g

Week 4: Carbs: 120g Protein: 100g Fat: 68g

Week 5: Carbs: 125g Protein: 105g Fat: 70g

Week 6: Carbs: 130g Protein: 110g Fat: 70g

Week 7: Carbs: 135g Protein: 115g Fat: 70g

Week 8: Carbs: 140g Protein: 120g Fat: 70g

My advice? Plan it out! Treat it as another challenge and stick to it! I promise it will be worth it, because let's be honest - You started a challenge or diet to achieve your goal body. You don't want to blow it by rushing your reverse diet.

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