My top 10 food substitutes!

Last week after my "diet vs alternatives" post, I had some VERY happy campers!

So what better way to show my appreciation than to share with you my TOP 10 food substitutes!

10. PB2 -

If you love Peanut Butter and Nutella, but don't like the extra calories that come

along with it, then you NEED to try PB2!

PB2 calories: 45cal (2tbsp)

Standard Peanut butter: 160cal (2tbsp)

Standard Nutella: 200cal (2tbsp)

9. Fro Pro -

For ice-cream on the go, look no further than Fro Pro!

Fro Pro: 150cal

Magnum Classic: 261cal

8. Noshu Donuts -

Anyone that knows me knows that I live for donuts! Especially when there is a low sugar alternative!

Noshu Donut: 118cal

Regular Donut: 323cal

7. Fibre One Bars:

Get your fibre hit in one amazing bar! I live for the lemon one! yuuuuum!

Fibre One lemon drizzle bar: 90cal

Standard lemon bar: 229cal

6. Noshu Cookies -

Whether you need something to give to the kids, or just want a snack for yourself, these are perfect!

Noshu Cookie: 103cal

Standard Cookie: 220cal

5. Peters No Added Sugar ice-cream -

I bought this by mistake the first time I had it. As I went to scan my serve size into My Fitness Pal, I realised I could probably eat the whole tub and still stay under my macronutrients for the day. Win!

Peters Ice-cream: 60cal

Standard Ice-cream: 128cal

4. Queen Maple flavoured syrup, sugar-free -

There isn't a day I go without this! I put it in smoothies, on oats, on ice-cream, you name it!

Queen maple syrup: 36cal

Standard maple syrup: 112cal

3. Atkins Chocolate Break bars -

Think Kit-Kat, just with fewer calories!

Choc Break bar: 109cal

Kit Kat: 210cal

2. Avalanche hot chocolate -

Throw away your normal drinking chocolate, and get your hands on Avalanche! Combined with almond milk it is amazing!

Avalanche: 8cal

Standard: 76cal

1. Noshu Cakes Slices -

I dare you to try and spot the difference between Noshus cake mix and a standard cake mix! They have done an incredible job with this recipe! Game changer!

Noshu cake slice: 113cal

Standard cake slice: 355cal

There you have it!

I hope you find my top 10 substitutes handy! Let me know which ones you try!

Marlee Jaynne

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