4 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Mousse

So Ketogenic diets have been a hot topic lately. So much so, that I've had 20+ requests in the last week alone to share my own experiences with it (so keep an eye open for my 4-week keto experience, coming soon!).

If you are someone who is considering trying a ketogenic diet, but you're a little nervous you're going to cave and eat something you shouldn't, then this recipe is for you! My 4 ingredient chocolate mousse!

This mousse only takes a few minutes to make, it's sugar-free, and uses the superfood cacao!


  • 300ml full fat thickened cream

  • 50g cacao powder (or cocoa if preferred)

  • 75g stevia - I use the Stevia designed for baking, but completely up to you!

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl for 30 seconds with a spoon or whisk. By doing this, the powders won't fly everywhere when you use your electric mixer.

  2. Use an electric mixer to whip the ingredients. This may take a few minutes.

  3. Once thickly whipped, transfer into glasses/bowls and serve.

Makes 6 servings - Trust me, you don't need a lot!

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