Frequently asked questions

Can i change the schedule?

Of course! Think of the schedule as a guideline, not a rule. You're more than welcome to alter it around your lifestyle.

I'm stuggling to do all the videos at once. What should i do?

Although i recommend you try to complete all videos at the one time, i understand if that's not possible to begin with. If you're really struggling, i suggest breaking them up into separate sessions until you think you can smash them all out in one workout!

I'm doing the workouts, but my eating isn't the best. What do i do?

I offer a 30 Day Macro challenge, where you will learn to calculate your own calories and macronutrients, and be reminded when to prepare your meals, as well as log how you're feeling over the 30 days. If that doesn't suit you, know that 80% of your results will come from your eating. Now, that doesnt mean eat chicken and broccoli every day because thats gross. It means being conscious about the foods you consume. For example, a banana is going to have more nutitional value than a muffin. Both have sugar, but one has BETTER sugar. Get it?

What do i do once i've finished all the programs?

Just because my programs have end dates (4 weeks, 6 weeks etc) doesn't mean you have to stop there. Try a different program i offer, or start again and improve!

How do the Challenges work?

My Challenges give you an extra layer of support by giving you daily reminders to work out (If you download the app!). You can also tick off the workouts you do, and keep track of your progress!

Why do you offer free workouts and challenges?

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Due to Covid-19, all fitness facilities closed leaving a lot of people unsure of how to stay fit and healthy. Melbourne also has some of the toughest Covid-19 restrictions in the world, only allowing us to leave the house for 1 hour per day, within 5km of our residence. Creating this site was my way of helping those people that didnt know how to tackle exercise on their own. At some stage, we have all been there and that feeling sucks, so i love that i can give those people some guidence and structure!